Policies and Procedures – Drakies @ St Stephens Church

  • Staff, Dancers and parents should not attend classes if they are experiencing any Covid 19 symptoms. A Fever (temp of 37.8 or more), persistent cough or loss of taste/smell. Temperatures may be taken on arrival.
  • Please arrive on time for class, there will be no area for parents or dancers to wait inside The Church. All Over 5’s will be required to wear a face covering inside and moving around the building. Dancers can then remove covering once in dance space. Parents should wait outside building with their child until collected by Suzanne or Meiggidh to go in.
  • Parents should wait in car or can leave and return at pick up. (Pre-school – this is reviewed per each individual case, If parent needs to stay a face covering is required). It is suggested that Preschool parents wait close by during class in case required (car, car park, nearby cafe/shop).
  • Please sanitise hands on the way in and out of building
  • Dancers will have allocated spots inside of class
  • At the end of class children will sanitise and will be taken to the exit door to awaiting parents. The Exit is the opposite corner to the entrance, around to the left of the building if looking at the church. Please do not park on the grass. Parking can be found on Muirfield road, just off Old Edinburgh Road. Parents should adhere to physical distancing while waiting.
  • Children should try to visit the toilet before class as toilet stops will be kept to a minimum. Dancers should come ready for class. There will be no changing facilities available. PLEASE WEAR APPROPRIATE FOOTWEAR FOR DANCE
  • Only bring minimal personal belongings, ensure children know not to share water bottles.
  • Payment should be made via our online booking system or Bank transfer. Any cash payments should be made by putting correct payment into sealed named envelope.
  • Please be aware that details are stored on our secure booking system and will be made available to the church if required due to track and trace purposes. (if required they will destroy after 21 days). These may be passed on to NHS track and trace if required. Please ensure details are correct on our booking system.

Most importantly lets have FUN!